November 2009


la~la~la~…. Read more here! 🙂

As white as whipped cream?? hehe
K064 WhippyWhite

Made with love and furry white fringe. One-of-a-kind selling at Doinky Doodles. (at haji lane)
K063 Rabbie

xmas bubble1
xmas bubble2
xmas bubble3

As promised (to Alvan, Maitri and Jing Jing), I finally have the urge to help this naked man. So the furry-looking diaper is some what appearing my mind. tada! Does he look like a half naked policeman now? haha
Mr moustache improved
Then, i went to google more moustaches…. I should have made more of them!

A second Santa-making in progress. I guess making 2 is enough for my Santa collection. Cos “Less replication diminishs boredom..” ho ho!


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