February 2010


For some reasons, i love how they look like. I couldn’t have done so many without my new sewing machine after more than a 100 toys hand-sewn.

“My Weirdest Dream was inspired by a weird dream i had one night. It wasn’t really a nightmare, but i dreamt of a cloud with legs chasing us in a middle of a thunderstorm! It was disastrous! Is this a sign?”
I flipped my old sketch book and saw a monster cloud drawing of mine which i dreamt of. So i decided to make brooches and call them Cloudymen.

Join the contest! i’m sure you got something to tell! Ends 28 Feb 2010.

Here’s another wedding toy specially for the couple! Hungyong and Felicia loves reading and I thought making a felt book would be nice. 🙂

Simply Ocean has a passion for scuba diving. He loves to experience life in the underwater world as much as Christie. Follow them into their Big Blue World with fascinated creatures swimming around them!

Simply Ocean loves his mask.

He simply can’t wait for his NEXT dive!

Must check pressure. Safety first!

Have a good rest!