May 2010

Wala~~ Here’s the Munchy Sunglass Monsters Pouch for you to bring out on this sunny day!
They fit all my sunglasses approx of 15cm length,4cm width and 5cm wide~! 🙂


This pair of mouse was inspired from Edwin’s question: ” Do you know how to make rat? Its because Tracy born in the year of Rat (Rat鼠 is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. )

I never answer him and i forget about it then. Today, they just got married and i decided to make them a pair of 鼠, along with a soccer ball. I realise how clever the ball is made from hexagon and pentagon. I didnt manage to do my calculation. Well, its hand made! lol

The ‘O’pera Singers are inspired by my love for singing, and for friends who love to sing! Here’s my 8 colorful sock toys!
Who can merely reach their “O” notes. Who can sing better than these 8 singers? I’m sure everyone can! 😀