February 2011

New handmade Benjamins!

In ocean colors

Happy pinky grey!

Soothing grey + white!

Happy warmy colors!


Like most crafters, kikeimono feel really good to see all things made with joy! 😀


Customer’s customizes ‘charging iPhone’ while MM is munching it. How wonderful~ 😀

Perhaps you might feel like charging yours this way? Enquiry: hello@kikeimono.com

The year of Bunny 2011, I’m making more bunnies!

Let them hop onto your shopping bag!

It’s always a nice feeling to take a group shot on every project created.

Love how vibrant colors can be so subtle at the other side of it.

Fabric i bought from Japan.

Nice butt!

Does one cushion need to be square? How about putting this on your sofa!

Scattered Polka dots!

Dots following lines.

Checked blue+brown!

Sweet Polka Dots!

Love to make little monsters keychains too!

He, who loves art book.

Too many! Available at kikeimono.etsy!