Kikeimono, come in different strange forms, with mostly, a sense of humor (*subjective).

One-of-a-kind, and they are freshly handmade by Gladys Phan.

奇形の(pronouces as Ki-kei-no) socks, under the label of Kikeimono, is japanese for deformed, or defective, which is exactly what these sock toys are. Creatively designed and hand crafted without perfection in mind, yet expressive enough to allow each one of them to adopt it’s own character and story. Kikeino Socks started out as a simple trial and error pastime on a lazy sunday afternoon. the family quickly expanded when the creator chanced upon simple yet quality sock designs and the rest is history.

Our handmade goodies are selling at Come and visit us! Join us in the  facebook, comments are welcome!

For enquiry and custom orders,
email to:

Copyright © Since 2009 Gladys Phan, Kikeimono. All Rights Reserved.


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