It’s the 1st Christmas Market Kikeino Socks under the label, Kikeimono visit! Thank you for inviting us!

@ Iluma last weekend

In the name of ‘The “O”pera Singers’



It’s funny to see how a toddler reacts to the monsters. (*pointing and baby talking)

Starry Starry Stars….

Maitri *8*

Matching colors!

When you know what to get for yourself, you treasure it. 🙂

After all, its all worth doing. 😀


They are getting a little bit furry, with a little magical growth on them. 😉

I’m letting go ‘monograft’. Let’s welcome kikeimono. All things come in strange, weird form. Including socks.

For some reasons, i love how they look like. I couldn’t have done so many without my new sewing machine after more than a 100 toys hand-sewn.

“My Weirdest Dream was inspired by a weird dream i had one night. It wasn’t really a nightmare, but i dreamt of a cloud with legs chasing us in a middle of a thunderstorm! It was disastrous! Is this a sign?”
I flipped my old sketch book and saw a monster cloud drawing of mine which i dreamt of. So i decided to make brooches and call them Cloudymen.

Join the contest! i’m sure you got something to tell! Ends 28 Feb 2010.

Most of the plush in the postcards were sold. If u wish to keep this set of postcards. Visit my online shop!

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