New handmade Benjamins!

In ocean colors

Happy pinky grey!

Soothing grey + white!

Happy warmy colors!


Like most crafters, kikeimono feel really good to see all things made with joy! 😀


Customer’s customizes ‘charging iPhone’ while MM is munching it. How wonderful~ 😀

Perhaps you might feel like charging yours this way? Enquiry:

It’s always a nice feeling to take a group shot on every project created.

Love how vibrant colors can be so subtle at the other side of it.

Fabric i bought from Japan.

Nice butt!

Does one cushion need to be square? How about putting this on your sofa!

Scattered Polka dots!

Dots following lines.

Checked blue+brown!

Sweet Polka Dots!

Love to make little monsters keychains too!

He, who loves art book.

Too many! Available at kikeimono.etsy!

It’s the 1st Christmas Market Kikeino Socks under the label, Kikeimono visit! Thank you for inviting us!

@ Iluma last weekend

In the name of ‘The “O”pera Singers’



It’s funny to see how a toddler reacts to the monsters. (*pointing and baby talking)

Starry Starry Stars….

Maitri *8*

Matching colors!

When you know what to get for yourself, you treasure it. 🙂

After all, its all worth doing. 😀

Be Grateful is a series that pops in my mind when i begin to munch with joy.
Whatever we munch, we love it! I wonder how I can translate my gratitude to the food we eat everyday. Some by saying prayers. Some brim with tears, just like Kikeino Socks. Be grateful.