Pinoki Christmas Special Edition!
pinoki xmas

K061 Pinoki Xmas Tree

pinoki apple

Pinoki Fren is a pig. He wishes to have a soul-mate, that’s why he disguised himself to be among the Danish mermaids. (Pinoki Fren is a creation that interprets the “Danish mermaid” reference in “Meeting Old Friends”, penned by poet Desmond Kon. The poem is part of a sequence chosen by Mary Jo Bang as one of six finalists in the Noemi Press Poetry Chapbook Award. )
K058 Pinoki Fren

Every sheep is one of a kind. 🙂 This one looks more like a baby pinoki.

K047 pinoki sheep

Here’s a BIG HAT™ series for kikeinosocks, Pinoki Veggie! Pinoki has turned into a veggie creature. He doesn’t quite like his new look, but he’s pleased to make you happy!

K027 pinoki veggie